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Files tagged 'Spreadsheet'

Fafar / Divebomber's spreadsheet w/Magic Formula / Jan 24, 2008

10/18/07 Added free-cash-flow chart at the bottom of the Plots sheet. Edited some of the comments. Also modified the MF calculation so that it more closely matches the results for stocks on MagicFormulaInvesting.

- added a Magic Formula calculation sheet and display the results there and on the Plots sheet. Use TTM and Qtrly figures.

- added 5-year dividend chart.

stockreportv9.3_KC2.xls - 1,755 KB - Preview in new window - Download now

captainccs / Option calculators / May 17, 2017

Spreadsheets I use to calculate selling puts and calls.

option-calculators.tgz - 117 KB - Preview in new window - Download now

Fafar / / Jan 24, 2008

V2 update: Still just split-adjusted data. Pulls 10 yrs of data from MSN and the rest from BigCharts.

This spreadsheet will plot linear and log charts in 2 ways.

Charts Tab: You can have the program plot Hi/Low/Avg CAGRs or just enter your own, along with 2 others. All downloaded data is plotted and used in CAGR calculations.

SliceDice Tab: All downloaded data is plotted on the chart, but you
decide where to start/end each CAGR line. Also, CAGRs are calculated every 5 years (3 yrs for chart with < 15 years) from the present back. Multiperiod CAGRs are calculated too.

Will work with Excel 2002 and up (?), but must have installed: Analysis Toolpak, VBA Toolpak, and MSN StockQuote Functions Addin. - 495 KB - Preview in new window - Download now