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BMW 2008 Conference Notice--Arrangement Finalized

Announcing the 2008 BMW Conference.

Location: San Diego, California

Date: October 23-25, 2008

Venue: The conference will be held at the Bahia Resort Hotel on Mission Bay. The conference will start at 9 a.m. Thursday morning and conclude around 4 p.m. on Saturday. An optional social event is planned for Sunday.

Hotel: The hotel is the Bahia Resort Hotel. The conference rate is $129/night plus taxes for standard rooms (Bay or Garden view- book early for your preference), $149 Studio Suites, $199 Full Suites. Hotel is less than 6 miles from San Diego Airport. Hotel guest parking is free. Bahia Resort Hotel.

Transportation: Bahia offers airport shuttle at $12 each way per person via Cloud 9 shuttle. Check with the Bahia for any discounted rate changes.

Cost: he conference fees will run about $400. This covers all the meeting rooms and equipment, continental breakfast, lunch, break refreshments and dinner on Thursday and Friday evenings. If you bring your significant other (SO) to the dinners on Friday and Saturday there will be additional costs (estimate is $130 for both nights -- fine dining restaurants. We also expect the Conference fee to cover a personalized gift and t-shirt. The greater the number of hotel booking nights, the more we can accomplish with our conference fee.

BMW Experience/Investment Experience: The conference is designed for all levels of BMWM experience and all levels of investment experience. All you need is a desire to learn and share your knowledge to make this a real value for any investor. Personally interact and learn strategies and techniques from the many veteran BMWM investors attending, Mr. BMW himself, IcyWolf, the Motley Fool Feste award winning mklein9, option investors like RGAnthony, JokingMe and many others.

Agenda: Thursday will be BMW Method basics and fundamentals with Friday and Saturday for the more advanced topics. We also plan a couple of focus group breakout sessions for interactive subjects and personalized assistance.

Detailed agenda will be created as we get closer to the conference. Topics normally include BMWM basics, DD, options and their application to BMW stocks, BMW tools, and a review of last year's best BMWM stock picks.

Additional Activities: A social gathering will be planned for early Wednesday evening, this will allow everyone to meet each other and make sure the SO's are introduced. A lot of the attendees will dine together in one of San Diego's finer restaurants. A group of SO's are already planning their alternate activities. Saturday dinner is also optional. Many who stay over Saturday night will dine together that evening, again at one of the finer restaurants. Sunday will be an optional social event.

Virtual Attendance: After some discussion about video conferencing, audio connections, net meetings, or other technology hookups, it was agreed by the BMWM Productions that no virtual attendance would be offered. Sorry, so plan your personal attendance.

Please save your money and your time so you can attend. As has been described, some of the ideas approaches, and better understanding of the method has a very, very positive ROI with your investment company. There definitely are concepts I missed or did not understand clearly from the boards that just "clicked" for me during previous conferences. The personal interactions are powerful!

Additional Information: For additional information please send me an email at



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