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Expected Returns Calculator

Warning: The calculator may be giving overly optimistic results now that we are using Yahoo's dividend adjusted prices. The dividend increases the CAGR shown in the graphs but with dividend paying stocks the price does not appreciate that quickly as part of the yield is in the form of dividends and not as stock appreciation.

How much do you expect to make on a BMW stock if you buy today at a given price?

Expectations Calculator is designed to give a simple answer based on the numbers that show up on Mike's charts. Mike's RF calculation does not take time into account, all it does is divide the mean by the current price and what it tells you is your return if the stock automagically climbed back to mean instantly. The Expectations Calculator takes this a step further: first it calculates what the price would be if the stock reverted to the mean in a given time and second, it calculates your rate of return from the current price to that future price.

The Get values button will pull the data from the selected chart data file, if available.
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