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BMW Method Links

Discussion Board

The BMW Method is an investing strategy developed by Motley Fool contributor BuildMWell (BMW). Our main meeting place is at The BMW Method discussion board at The Motley Fool

The latest BMW Method FAQs can be found at New FAQ - feedback please


Mike Klein (mklein9), another Motley Fool contributor, has made available a set of stock price charts updated weekly at his web site: Mike's BMW Method Charts. The site explains how the various measures are calculated. Lot's of good stuff.


Various members of the BMW Method board have made available spreadsheets that you can download. Here are just some examples:

Version 2_3 of gebin's spreadsheet
divebomber's updated spreadsheet
GrahamInv's BMW-Style Logarithmic Stock Chart Generator (Lines of Constant CAGR)
BMW Method Stock Screener Charting Tool


I'll keep my filespace site updated with conference documents and details. 2006 BMW Method Conference information by Fool jokingme