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BMW Conference Calls

Event: Three, 1-hour conference calls will be hosted in 2007 before the third annual BMW Method Conference, to be held in Raleigh in late September.

Objectives: These calls are designed to foster better understanding of the BMW method and its application.

Timing: The first call will be Feb 3, 2007 at 3:00pm ( EST ). The second and third calls are scheduled for the June/July and Aug/Sept timeframes.

Featured speaker: The first call will feature BMW himself, Jim Schout. Jim will be covering his best BMW stock and will show you how he reads the stock's BMW CAGR chart, as well as how he views the company in general. This should be an event of great interest to everyone!

The second call will feature Stan Racis (IcyWolf). Stan will be covering his best BMW stock and will show you the IcyWolf method for due diligence and investing. Stan also promised to cover some good wine selections. The wine selections should be worth the price of admission. ;-)

The third call featured speaker has yet to be determined. One preliminary suggestion is a session on using options in a BMW portfolio, but any other suggestions are welcome (

Conference Call: The conference calls will use a USA 800 toll free number that handles 125 people.

More Information: Send your questions to