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Feb 3, 2007

What: First BMW method conference call.

When: February 3, 2007 at 3 p.m. East Standard Time (2000 GMT)

Speaker: BuildMWell (Jim Schout), the inventor of the BMW method

How can I attend? Attendance will be on a first-come-first-served basis and we are limited to 125 people, so if you want in on the call, send an email to with your name, email address, and screen name.

Cost: $10 per call or all three 2007 calls for $25. Anyone who attended BMW I or II Annual Conference is invited free of charge. Anyone planning to attend BMW III and who has sent in their non-refundable deposit check is invited free of charge. All money is being used to offset the costs of the conference call and the Raleigh BMW III conference.

Instructions/Phone Number: The call will use a toll free U.S.A 800 number. If you are outside the USA then see Skype instructions below. Instructions will be sent about a week before the call via email to your registered address.

Skype Instructions: Download and install Skype from Skype lets you dial toll free numbers in the USA at no cost. The only difficulty is using the touch-tone keypad on the screen to enter the Conference Code. For some reason the tones got garbled. The issue is easily solved by talking to the conference service operator.

Abstract: Jim will cover three charts- the S&P 500, ABT, and WMT. The use of these three charts will help us see how we can use historical CAGRs to sort out the right time to buy. It works for the overall market as well as individual stocks.

S&P 500 - Use the BMW Method to evaluate an index over the long term to see what is really happening. This analysis will show what happens as we "slice and dice" the index over time. This is basic to understanding why the BMW Method works.
Download S&P 500 chart
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ABT - Use a low, high CAGR line as well as a high, low CAGR line to spot a stock that is breaking out to make new highs. Impressive gains can be make for the patient investor. This is a classic BMW Method opportunity. Why look for risky, high flyers when we can buy blue chip, proven companies and make that kind of gain?
Download ABT chart
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WMT - Here again is the same picture, but the break-out has yet to occur. The slice and dice tells the story pretty well for us.
Download WMT chart
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Conference files/graphics: There are three graphics required for this conference call. They are SP500, ABT, and WMT. Also, Mike Klein's 30-year SP500 chart will be referenced.

Conference Wrap-Up Report: The wrap-up report will be filed after the conference.